Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day and 20 Year Celebration

Wannamaker Drug has been serving the community for over 100 years, and now Chris Bridges has been a part of its history for the last 20. On August 21st, 2008, Wannamaker Drug celebrated its 20th anniversary with Chris Bridges as owner, and it was because of this important milestone that Wannamaker’s held their 5th Annual Customer Appreciation Day in August instead of November.

“We appreciate our customers standing by us even through the rise in gas prices, the change in drug plans, and the coming of chain drug stores because wi thout our customers we could not celebrate 20 years of ownership,” said Chris and Lisa Bridges. Keeping with tradition, Wannamaker Drug gave away 1,100 free hot dogs, chips and drinks to the customers and friends of Wannamaker’s. Ms. Gladys Hooks was the receipt of the 1000th hot dog and received the grand prize of a 100 dollar gift certificate to Wannamaker Drug.

“Customer Appreciation day is a special day for us. I enjoyed being able to talk with the customers as they visited the store, and I hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did,” said Chris Bridges.


“The past 20 years has been a great experience, and the community has really welcomed me. It has been remarkable to see the number of customers, employees, and friends you interact with over 20 years. If the Lord allows me, I look forward to serving for another 20 years.”

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